About Us

SUPADERMA is a new company that is currently offering SUPADERMA SKIN CREAMS as novel therapeutic agents, specifically targeted to specific skin disorders such as acne, eczema or dermatitis. The products are aimed at replenishing deficient skin nutrients, using topical application and subsequent absorption down to underlying skin layers. In this way, skin cells deprived of available resources can receive an alternative supply of these same nutrients on a daily basis. In this case the nutrients are delivered at the skin surface, and make their way by absorption down to the skin cells beneath, thereby supplementing or replacing the interrupted delivery of these same nutrients to the skin cells via the bloodstream.

SUPADERMA is also in the process of developing a cream designed to renew the softness, elasticity and firmness that tends to deteriorate in ageing skin. Instead of merely enhancing the skin's appearance through the use of moisturisers (which only fill up spaces in the matrix giving the illusion of youth), we at SUPADERMA are dedicated to discovering the reasons for this loss in skin vitality, and providing the skin with the tools required to correct the problem.

SUPADERMA's founder contracted a form of dermatitis called dyshidrosis on his right hand a while ago. Disenchanted with his lack of success from using prescribed medications (including corticosteroid creams), he set out to cure his own condition using his background in biology and environmental sciences, together with his interest in and knowledge gained from the medical literature. He asked two fundamental questions:

What causes the skin to deteriorate and lose its ability to maintain its permeability barrier? 

What does the skin need in order to reinstate its original capabilities, and function normally again?

Once he asked these questions, he was able to concentrate his energy on finding answers. This he did, and within a few short months he had completely healed his dyshidrosis. He then decided that if he could heal himself where others could not, perhaps he could help to heal others, and perhaps it was time for dermatologists to re-think what they are doing, and devise new therapies that attack the root of the problem, and not just relieve symptoms.

And so SUPADERMA was born, not just another company making money, but a seat of innovation by which majority opinion might convince the medical profession to try something new. Now it is time for you the consumer to add your vote and make new ideas fly in the real world !

Try out our free trial offer, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain !! :)









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History of project

SUPADERMA is involved in breakthrough skin repair and skin care research, and is based in the United Kingdom.


SUPADERMA should not be confused with SPADERMA, which is a phototherapy centre/clinic and laser hair removal studio, based in Chicago, U.S.A.