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08/12/2012 22:33

Hello. My name is Robert, and I am the founder of SUPADERMA.

I am writing to you personally to let you know a little about the reasons why I have launched this exciting new product.

I am a qualified biologist and environmental scientist, and am passionately interested in medical science. I am currently reading and studying several autoimmune disorders, including Alzheimers, X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, and the prion diseases, including Mad Cow Disease (BSE).

Two years ago I was experimenting with chemicals, and I accidentally spilled concentrated phytol on my hand. It quickly became inflamed, and within days my hand had developed microscopic blisters, breaking the skin and forming painful cuts. The skin became thickened and brittle, it would not heal; the hand was warmer to the touch, red and inflamed, and the upper layers of skin began to slough off in small pieces. I had developed a condition called dyshidrosis, a particularly robust form of dermatitis. My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone creams, but these reduced the skin's thickness making it more fragile and prone to tearing, only making the symptoms worse. I had to go around with sticking plasters on my fingers. When my doctor told me that this condition can never be entirely cured, this threw down a challenge for me.

I determined that with my own knowledge of biology and medicine, I might be able to discover a way to cure my condition. It took months of trying different remedies, and untold hours spent reading the scientific literature on skin composition and skin disorders. Eventually I realised that the medical profession is going about it the wrong way. Instead of searching for root causes, they are just using drugs to temporarily alleviate the symptoms. It seemed to me that they have never asked these questions: "What is actually causing the skin to act this way? What does the tissue need in order to function normally again?"

Once I realised that medical oversight had slowed down the process of discovery, I asked those same questions myself; and I quickly came up with many answers leading to a breakthrough in skin therapy. The body is like a factory with a deadline to meet. If certain raw materials don't arrive on time or at all, the factory may quickly substitute other materials to produce their finished product on time. So it goes with our skin. If an allergy or inflammation has wiped out the supply of certain essential nutrients, the skin cells will do their best to create new skin tissue using what they have on hand; and in order to meet their deadline, they quickly substitute similar molecules, filling the gap between supply and demand. The result is a botched up job: with the wrong balance of fatty acids (or the wrong types of fatty acids), the skin tissue can't hold itself together properly; without enough cholesterol, the skin's cell membranes don't have the right stability, and the matrix between the skin cells also becomes too leaky. The end result is a succession of layers of faulty skin cells, unable to flatten properly, unable to bind together properly at their edges, the intercellular matrix full of holes and broken linkages, all growing toward the surface in a haphazard and grossly inefficient approximation of the real thing. These are the reasons why the skin's permeability barrier breaks down, and the skin tissue loses its flexibility and strength, becoming brittle, tearing and cracking at the least provocation..

With the above in mind, I was quickly able to put two and two together, and I began searching for sources of the right essential nutrients that the skin would ultimately use to repair itself. Then I experimented using myself as the guinea pig until I had found the right balance that would restore the skin tissue to its normal state.

And the rest is history!

So if you have acne, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, check out the Photo Gallery, which shows some of the "before and after" photos of my own hand. Pretty gruesome, and very painful too!  (When the first two series of photos were taken (page 1) I had suffered from dyshidrosis for nearly a year, and had begun to experiment with different ideas. The last series (page 2) shows my hand as it looks today, and the photos were taken only three months after I found the right balance of nutrients that would enable my hand to repair itself. Despite the mess my hand was in, you can see that there are absolutely no scars or scar tissue today, even on the little finger which was cut very deeply. The quicks have now grown back, and even the horizontal striations and denting of the fingernails have almost disappeared.

SUPADERMA SKIN REPAIR CREAM is a miraculous breakthrough, as you can see for yourself!


If by now you are sufficiently impressed, order your free sample of SUPADERMA SKIN REPAIR CREAM while you still can. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Remember, I had to figure it all out for myself, and conduct many trials before I arrived at the product you see before you.

SUPADERMA is giving this introductory offer to you for free, no strings attached. That's because SUPADERMA is as good as its word.


SUPADERMA may not work for all disorders, or for everyone. Please don't expect overnight miracles, but be patient during your FREE TRIAL, and give it a couple of weeks. It may begin to work gradually, and produce miraculous results over time.

You can easily tell us what results you are getting from SUPADERMA, by adding a reply to this blog.

Good Luck ! We hope it works for you.






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